The Best Temperature to Consume Medical Marijuana in 2020

There are many different approaches to burning dry herb, wax, and other concentrates with vaporizers. As it turns out, there is actually not a “perfect” temperature to vaporize weed or concentrate. There are actually over 70 known cannabinoids, 120 known terpenes, and 23 different flavonoids that all have unique chemical structures and provide unique properties to your hits. The vaporization process of THC and the other active chemicals in marijuana is very touchy, and even temperature changes of just a few degrees can alter which of these chemicals is actually vaporized and able to be inhaled. Just about all vaporizers have a chamber to load in your favorite form of herb to consume and use coils and atomizers to heat the product to a very high temperatures. Vaporizers work with multiple types of product including wax, herb, oil, and e-liquid. Each form of product has a unique temperature range that can provide the cleanest and most potent hits.

What is the best temperature for a dry herb vaporizer?

Dry herb vaporizers are the most popular vapes and always come with some sort of temperature control that normally range from having a few settings to full control by a single degree. As we mentioned, dry herb has common chemicals such as CBD and THC that both burn at different temperatures due to their unique chemical structures. Ignoring other more complex chemicals present in marijuana and focusing on these two chemicals, CBD has a boiling point of 320-365, while THC is slightly lower at just about 315. Keeping your vaporizer between 320-340 will ensure that you are getting the most of these two critical chemicals. The higher the temperature, the more chemicals in the THC family will be consumed. It is recommended to not go over 390 F when vaporizing dry herb, as this will result in more harmful byproducts being created and most of the active chemicals to be rendered useless. At this higher temperature (around 360-375F) you will burn more chemicals and experience a more potent high that may lock you to the couch.

Vapes that have temperature control settings, such as the Pax 2, E-Clipse, and Flowermate V5.0S, are all well equipped to give you full control over your hits and how potent they are.

The best temp exactly depends on the specific herb and how well its grinded and how tightly packed the bowl is and how fresh the herb is. Not all vapes have complete temperature control, and simply have a few default settings.When using these portable vaporizers, it is rare to need the highest setting they offer unless you know your strain has that boiling point. Otherwise, start at a lower temperature that is comfortable on your lungs and work your way up if you feel like the potency could be increased. The higher the temperature, the more vapor your pen or piece will produce.

What is Combustion?

Combustion simply means direct contact with fire or being lit on fire. This is definitely the most common way that herbs are consumed and is also how more harmful byproducts are inhaled into the lungs. Most dry herb Vaporizers do not use combustion, they simply provide heat around the herb. When the boiling point is reached it then boils and produces vapor that can be consumed.

What is Convection?

Convection vaporizers are unique because the herb does not come in direct contact with the heating element. These systems employ many different methods to insulate the material, regulate temperature control, and elevate the material above the heat element to avoid combustion. Low temperature combustion vaporizers can also be modified using screens and filters to help more effectively burn the herb in this fashion. Overall, convection vaporizing is the most convenient way to consume your herbs but is not always the cheapest due to the technology.

Convection by definition means; “the transfer of thermal energy through a liquid or gas.” Convection is when you use air to heat the herb to the right temperature instead of through direct contact.

What is the best temperature for a wax pen vaporizer?

As most vape enthusiasts will tell you, the best temperature to hit your vape pen really depends on your personal preferences. While some prefer big, hot hits that burn their lungs, others prefer slow, simmering hits that captures the entirety of the flavor profile. The difference between these is that one hit is getting many more of the active chemicals, while the other is burning them up. Most research has pointed to the sweet spot lying in the range between 360° and 380°F (200° – 250°C).

What’s behind that guideline?

The better question might be, what temperature is best for you?

Different chemicals within dry herbs vaporize at different temperatures, and these chemicals all provide unique characteristics to the high you experience. You’ll miss the high if the temperature is too low, and you produce unwanted elements when you burn too hot as well as lose out some of the best terpenes and chemicals. The guideline makes a range based on some assumptions that include the feel and wet/dryness of your herb, as well as the type of coils present in your vaporizer.

  • How moist, dry, or fine your grind is.
  • The sort of hits you enjoy.
  • The type of vaporizer you use.

Research shows that if you are inhaling terpenes at low temperatures, you will experience a milder high. On the other hand, higher temperatures produce more potent THC effects. Temperatures above 455°F (235°C) will burn harshly, showing that the lower temperatures are safer than the higher numbers and also more effective. All of these chemicals have their own unique boiling points, and hence require a more precise heating source that simple butane lighters simply cannot provide. Getting the true experience out of each strain you smoke requires the activation of all of these chemicals, and only dry herb vaporizers can provide this detail and accuracy.

Wax vaping requires a different temperature range because it is in a more refined and concentrated state, not to mention the exponential increase in THC chemicals ready to be vaporized. In general, lower temperatures deliver healthier hits whereas higher temperatures get you a more potent experience.

In 2004, a research team used a Volcano vaporizer with dry herb to determine which temperatures were more conducive to the extraction of the various cannabinoids. The data found that vaping at a temperature setting of 338°F only was able to boil 24% of cannabinoids whereas a setting of 446°F resulted in an extraction of nearly 77% of the cannabinoids. So how high is too high? Meeting or exceeding temperatures of 455°F can begin to char the material, potentially creating some unhealthy byproducts. Large, hot, and milky vapor are potentially hiding benzene, albeit in much smaller amounts than tobacco products. But even exceeding the relatively low temperature of 365°F with a wax pen can lead to traces of benzene in your vapor.

With these stats in mind, you may want more THC and crank your wax pen up. If you want more CBD, keep it low and slow.

With the boiling points of THC and CBD a mere 50°F apart, it can be difficult to find a wax vape pen with the precision to capture the perfect temperature for your strain. For this reason, the collected research may actually be correct in the assessment that 410°F is the best temperature for a smooth balance of both THC and CBD.

What is the best temperature for an oil vape pen?

As with the previous pieces, oil vape pens are no different and can provide many different vaping settings and temperatures. Oil vaporizers are similar to vaping wax, as it is a more concentrated version of herb. Most simple oil vapes have just one voltage setting, but there are now more and more entering the market with increased functionality and fun features. There are oil vapes coming out with variable voltage settings, making it easy to capture that perfect temperature. What, then, is the perfect temperature for vaping oil? There really is no exact answer to this question, it really depends on how you like to consume your oil. Vaporizing around 400 F is typically the best range to get both THC and CBD effects and flavor profiles. If this is too hot for your liking, slowly reduce the temperature until you are happy with both the feeling and potency of the hits.

What is the best temperature for a box mod?

The main factor that determines what temperature you should vape herb, wax, or oil with your box mod is your atomizer. The temperature and power output can normally be adjusted easily, making it easy to experiment with different temperature ranges. The higher the wattage the more power will be going to atomizer, and depending on how powerful your atomizer is, you may not need as many watts as you might think to wholly burn the chemicals you want.

Herb atomizers need far less watts than oil or wax, making box mods almost too powerful for vaporizing dry herb (although you can do this).

E-liquid atomizers are the most popular with mods can take the most power for the big clouds etc etc. Using a wax atomizer with a box mod is almost like taking a dab from a dab rig.

As with the other methods, the ideal temperature range remains the same at around 390-400 F. With most new box mods, you have full control over the temperature of your coils, down to the single digit. This makes it easy to use a box mod to vape your favorite wax and oils.

How to choose the right vape temperature?

Overall it is best to keep your preferences in mind when looking to start vaping. The experience you get is highly dependent on the quality of the coils and the type of material you are trying to vape. Typically, the higher the temperature the thicker, hotter, and harsher the vapor will be. Medical patients normally stick with a temperature range on the lower end, that activates only the CBD chemicals and minority of any THC chemicals, creating a much more mellow high that is not as psychoactive and remains in the body for pain, hunger, and stress relief.

High Temperature vs Low Temperature:

The main points to remember about high vs. low temp vaporizing:

  1. High temp vaping produces thicker, hotter, and more potent smoke.
  2. High temp vapes also create more visible clouds.
  3. Lower temp vaping activates CBD chemicals and provides less potent effects.
  4. If you are a recreational smoker, the most comfortable yet potent temperature range lies around 390 F.

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