Utah Tackling Several Cannabis Related Regulations

Now that terminally ill patients in Utah have the “right to try” medical cannabis, the Beehive State is defining the ways in which those patients can consume the medical-grade-cannabis.

The Utah Department of Agriculture’s deputy commissioner told a Fox affiliate that in order for medical cannabis to consumed under current Utah law, it has to be “a capsule, a tablet, or transdermal.”

Lawmakers have expressed concern about making cannabis accessible in forms attractive to children, such as gummies or cookies. The deputy commissioner, Scott Ericson, is also worried that determining the proper dosage of THC in a cookie would be consistent. He said:

How do we know all 12 cookies have the same amount of THC in them?

While the new rules allowing terminally ill patients in Utah access to cannabis are still being define, the state is currently working on the issue of cannabis and related products on several different fronts. 

A ballot initiative to more broadly legalize medical marijuana is slated to appear on the ballot this November, and the Utah Department of Agriculture is also tackling CBD oil in the state, drawing up regulations that would have companies selling CBD oil in the state submit test results, as well as be subject to random, unannounced tests as well. 

Finally, rules allowing farmers to grow industrialized hemp in Utah are expected to be released this coming August. 

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