Sunsoil CBD Review 2020 – Products and Buying Guide

Sunsoil CBD Review

Located in Northeastern Vermont (Hardwick), the story behind Sunsoil CBD, previously known as Green Mountain CBD, is nothing short of inspiring. To summarize what drives their business is as simple as the following three P’s: the People, the Plants, and the Planet. Rooted in the belief that everyone should be able to access safe, high-quality, and affordable CBD, founders Alejandro and Jacob cultivate their own hemp farm and have a thorough understanding of high-yield, efficient, and sustainable farming practices that they put into action to produce their own CBD products.

Both Alejandro and Jacob have several years of experience in customer service, farming, and innovation. With the two of them leading the way, they are committed to hiring staff members who are equally committed to fair pricing, transparent business practices, independent safety and quality testing procedures, and natural and holistic products.

Sunsoil CBD is extracted from hemp plants that are always grown from the seed, rather than cloning an already successful, adult hemp plant. Bearing a USDA-certified “organic” label means no pesticides, no GMO’s, and organic-only nutrients delivered to the Hardwick farm’s soil. Unlike many other companies in the CBD industry, Sunsoil uses lipid-extraction methods from the whole hemp plant to source their CBD products and to protect the Earth. Their dedication to their plants translates to their dedication to the environment – as true “Vermonters.” The soil used to grow their hemp plants is carefully cultivated with low impact practices and no harmful solvents are ever used.

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Sunsoil CBD Product Line

CBD products from Sunsoil are both ethical and accessible – bearing some of the lowest prices across the industry. Buyers can feel at ease with the all-natural ingredients listed on each product label and can double check the quality testing results to verify that everything listed is what they can expect. Their products are available in tincture, salve, and capsule forms and various strengths.

For consumer transparency and education, Sunsoil recommends serving sizes comparable to the following experience levels:

  • New CBD Users: Recommended to take 10mg of CBD
  • Intermediary CBD Users: Recommended to take 20mg of CBD
  • Experienced CBD Users: Recommended to take 20mg+ of CBD as needed and depending on the desired effects

CBD Oil Tinctures

  • Sunsoil Full Spectrum CBD Oils
    • Available in: Unflavored, Cinnamon, and Chocolate Mint
    • 600mg CBD Oil Tincture
      • Chocolate Mint or Unflavored
      • 10mg CBD per serving
      • Cost = 0.05/mg
    • 1200mg CBD Oil Tincture
      • Cinnamon
      • 20mg CBD per serving
      • Cost = 0.05/mg

Sunsoil’s CBD oil tinctures have an undeniably high-quality and minimalist list of ingredients. The tinctures are extracted with MCT oil, otherwise known as fractionated coconut oil, to enhance and improve the bioavailability of the CBD. The tinctures include aerial plant parts, making them full-spectrum CBD tinctures that include other beneficial terpenes in addition to the CBD alone. All information about the independently accredited, third-party lab testing results can be found on the Lab Testing page.

CBD Softgels & Capsules

  • CBD Softgels
    • Available in 30 Count
      • 20mg CBD per capsule
      • Cost = 0.05/mg
    • Available in 90 Count
      • 20mg CBD per capsule
      • Cost = 0.05/mg
  • CBD Capsules
    • Available in 30 Count
      • 20mg CBD per capsule
      • Cost = 0.05/mg
    • Available in 90 Count
      • 20mg CBD per capsule
      • Cost = 0.05/mg

Sunsoil CBD softgels are the perfect product for consumers who have a difficult time swallowing large capsules. In fact, these softgels are half the size of the CBD capsules, but contain the same amount of CBD per serving! With their dedication to all-natural ingredients, the small softgels and larger capsules only contain 100% whole plant hemp extract in organic coconut oil. Taking CBD capsules and softgels is a great option for consumers who travel often or who are constantly on-the-go, but wish to use CBD as part of their every day routine!

CBD Coconut Oil

  • Premium, naturally extracted CBD in organic coconut oil
  • 20mg CBD per serving
  • 600mg CBD per container
  • Cost = 0.05/mg

As if their use of coconut oil wasn’t beneficial enough in improving bioavailability of CBD in their other products, Sunsoil also sells a jar of coconut oil containing CBD. The only two ingredients in this edible product are organic hemp and organic, unflavored coconut oil, making this the perfect addition to recipes (especially when baking)! Sunsoil also recommends this coconut oil product for pets, but, as always, you should speak with your veterinarian before giving any CBD or CBD-infused treats to your 4-legged friend(s).

Want to know more about Sunsoil? Here’s some additional information:

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Material Sources

  • All CBD is grown and sourced on a farm in Hardwick, Vermont
  • All hemp plants are grown directly from seeds
  • 100% organic plants (USDA-certified) and farming practices
  • No pesticides used
  • No GMO’s used
  • Traceability from seed to shelf

Lab Testing

  • All products are tested by three ISO-accredited, independent third-party labs
  • Certificates of analysis for each product are available for viewing
  • Every batch of CBD is tested by different labs to confirm potency & purity
  • Manufacturing dates and expiration dates for each batch is also available

Shipping and Ordering

  • Products shipped via FedEx
  • Products typically ship within 24 hours of purchase
  • Products should arrive within 5 business days of purchase
  • Orders under $80.00 USD will be charged $3.48 for shipping costs
  • Orders over $80.00 USD will be charged $6.10 for shipping costs
  • Cannot currently accept product returns
  • Contact with customer service is advised if an item is damaged or defective

Facebook: @Sunsoil

Instagram: @sunsoil

Contact Form:

Customer Service: [email protected]

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