Cannabis DNA Test, Symptom-Relief Tracking App, and More!

Here at Cannahealth, we try to stay on top of the latest and most useful cannabis-related products. With the number of CBD and cannabis consumers growing, there’s also a growing concern for responsible use. Technology has come a long way, and companies are using science in innovative ways to create the happiest and healthiest consumers. Today, we’re sharing five products that are currently blowing our minds:

  • StrainGenie
  • Releaf
  • Wisp
  • NoGoo
  • NOVA Decarboxylator

StrainGenie: Personal Cannabis DNA Test and Product Guide

strain genie cannabis dna testStrainGenie is like a 23andMe for cannabis. This is a DNA test-based cannabis assessment that provides you with an at-home test kit (or allows you to import 23andMe or data) that sequences your DNA. They also provide a questionnaire to assess what products will work best for you. They then send you a personalized cannabis health-report that contains the results of your DNA test, so you can understand what will and won’t work with your body’s physiology.

Interested in how exactly they get their results? StrainGenie looks at 50 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in your DNA to create your results. These SNPs determine how a person responds to food and drugs, and can show how your body will react to different strains of cannabis. Mind: blown!

Releaf: Cannabis Relief, Tracking, and Research

The Releaf app is a free app that describes itself as “a thoughtful approach to cannabis use.” Releaf functions as a kind of cannabis experience journal, similar to fitness tracking apps.

Users track their sessions, and record how specific strains affect them. The app really breaks down doses to help users understand what they are looking for. It asks not only for reported effects, but also dosage size, strain, and method of ingestion. It provides what they call “intelligent reporting,” which you can share with a medical marijuana doctor, or with budtenders at your local dispensary.

The data Releaf allows users to save is very detailed. You keep a track-record of all your past cannabis use, and can sort the list by rating, name, or date used. You can record the frequency which with you used each strain, and how you felt it treated your symptoms overall. You can even log geodata to note where you purchased each strain to make it easier to find what you like in the future.

Here is a video that quickly breaks down how to use the Releaf app:

Wisp: Pod-based Vaping

Wispwisp vaporizing system is a vaporizing system that uses single-use, pre-filled pods that dispense into a bottle that pops up when it’s full.

The pods Wisp uses are filled with lab-tested herbs, sealed at the locations they were cultivated. Each type of pod is made filled with specific formulas of cannabis, ranging from solely CBD, to high intensity THC. And if you’re worried about the waste of the single-use pods, you’ll be happy to know that they are 100% recyclable.

The Wisp Vaporizing System is perfect for knowing exactly what (and how much) you’re getting. Wisp has transparency and consistency down to a science. Removable parts make cleaning the system a breeze, and seal the deal for us.

NoGoo: Non-stick Silicone Containers

NoGoo offers high-quality, nonstick silicone products. If you’ve ever tried to find a container that doesn’t get gummed up from kief or wax…you know the struggle.

What’s crazy about NoGoo is not that they’ve created nonstick containers for portability, they also have nonstick pipes, rigs, dab mats, vape scrapes, dishware—the list goes on! It’s really incredible the amount of nonstick products they’ve been able to come up with. They also have some really fun, unexpected goodies like a bubbler that looks like a barrel of apples, or a stealth container that looks like an eyeshadow compact.

NOVA Decarboxylator: Activated THC

This one is for all those tincture and edible DIYers out there. The NOVA Decarboxylator works like this: place flower into the device, press start, and voila—your cannabis is decarbed.

If you don’t know what decarboxylation is, here’s a little lesson: decarbing is a chemical reaction that releases carbon dioxide, and heats bud to turn THCA into THC. This process is an essential step when making tinctures, since the user of the tincture isn’t applying heat before ingesting. The Decarboxylation process ensures safety and greater potency of the finished product.

The NOVA system is similar in shape and size to a coffee cup, and is odor free. Because the temperature is already regulated, you don’t have to worry about over or underheating the herb you use. It can process an ounce of flower at a time.

All in all, this is a really nifty product that is perfect for refining what you ingest. By skipping any smoke inhalation, this is by far the healthiest way to medicate.

We’re excited to see what comes next in the world of CBD and cannabis products. As more and more of the US is lessening bans on cannabis, we can only assume there is much to come!

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