The Best CBD Oil Tinctures Reviewed (for 2019)

CBD products have seen a huge rise in popularity over the past four years, beginning when the Agricultural Act of 2014 allowed the growth of industrial hemp. CBD oil has gained serious traction in the alternative medicine market, where it is reported to help with sleep disorders, migraines, pain relief (especially neck pain), anxiety, and even epilepsy. Because it contains 0–.3% THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana), CBD appeals to a wide range of people, including those who would not have used medical marijuana due to the head high they would experience.

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There are countless brands on the web trying to entice you to buy their CBD tinctures. With so many brands vying for your attention, where do you begin? How do you know what CBD to buy, and who to buy it from? Which companies can you trust to be honest about their extraction methods and ingredients?

With so many CBD products popping up all over the market, you might find it overwhelming trying to decide which companies to buy from. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of the seven best CBD tinctures on the market.

How we Determined the Best CBD Oil

If you’re new to this, you might have a lot of questions about how we decided the top CBD products to recommend above the ones we don’t recommend. Here are the categories we used to help differentiate between the the best and the rest.

Potency (How Strong is the Dose)

If you are new to the world of CBD, it is definitely best for you to start with a lower dosage and work your way up from there. Some of the tinctures listed below have as few as 240mg of cannabidiol per bottle, while others are as high as 4850mg. While stronger isn’t always better, we appreciate those brands that have different options available to address different needs. Also, keep in mind that while a lower dose can give you more control over the amount you consume, a higher concentration is usually more cost effective. Higher concentrations will also contain more beneficial cannabinoids.

Flavor vs unflavored CBD

Medicine that you won’t take is not effective medicine. Taste matters, and we love brands that have a variety to choose from.

Unflavored hemp oil has a strong grassy and earthy taste. Some people enjoy the taste of natural hemp, but it’s not particularly popular. If a shot of wheatgrass sounds like a terrible idea, you’ll probably want to gravitate toward something with a more…palatable flavor. If you’re not sure, you can always start with a simple flavor you know you’ll enjoy, like mint or lemon, and get more adventurous over time.

If you don’t like the flavors offered, some companies sell water soluble unflavored oil, giving you the versatility of blending your CBD into your own liquids (like juice or smoothies).

Ingredient Transparency

Not all CBD is created equally. Some tinctures are created with little regard to overall consumer safety, and may contain harmful chemicals and pesticides. Other CBD products have been shown to differ from what the label says, either with way more cannabidiol, or way less. In some cases, the THC content was elevated above the federal legal limit for hemp extracts.

All of the products we recommend test their products to make sure that they both contain nothing harmful, and that the dosage on the bottle is actually what’s present in the tincture.

Sourcing and Extraction Method

Quality CBD oil comes from a quality source. CBD oil can be extracted from the hemp plant in a variety of ways. The safest, and most efficient methods, use carbon dioxide or ethanol as a solvent to separate the CBD from the hemp plant. All of the tinctures below are extracted from pesticide-free hemp grown on local farms in the United States, all of which are registered with their state’s industrial hemp pilot program, or organic-certified farms in Europe.

Many of these CBD brands run seed-to-shelf operations, overseeing the entire production process from the harvesting of their hemp all the way to bottling and distribution.

The Cost

We’d be lying if we said costs didn’t matter. As in all things, with CBD oil tinctures you generally get what you pay for. Some of the products we recommend below are small and inexpensive (so you’re not sacrificing quality to buy inexpensive CBD oil, but rather, are just getting a smaller overall amount at once). Other products contain a higher potency formula, so even though the amount of liquid in the bottle may be the same, the amount of cannabinoids will vary greatly. Overall, prices range from as low as around $30 to over $400.

Shipping and Customer Service

If you’ve ever ordered something online and waited weeks for your package to show up, you know how important shipping speed can be. If you are looking for a remedy for chronic pain, we’re going to guess you probably don’t want to have to wait too long for your order. We’ve broken down the prices and speeds of each company’s shipping so that you’re not left wondering when your purchase will arrive.

All companies on this list have proven track records for outstanding customer service.

Why We Love Them

Sure they sell quality CBD oil, but what sets them apart from the rest? From bacon-flavored dog tincture to discounts for veterans, we list our favorite things about each company so you know what makes them unique.

The Best CBD Oil Tinctures Online in 2019:

Tincture recommendations last updated June 20th, 2019

One quick thing before you check out our top recommended CBD products: CannaHealth was not paid to include any of these companies on our list. We may, however, receive a small commission from some of these brands if you click through and make a purchase (at no additional charge to you). I will assure you that these products are the best you can buy, and we 100% stand behind them.


best cbd oil tincture bottle

  • Flavors Available: Cool mint
  • Price: Good Vibes $48.95, Super Good Vibes $119.95, Mega Good Vibes $249.95
  • Strength/Variety: Good Vibes 250mg (8.33mg serving), Super Good Vibes 100mg (33.5mg serving), Mega Good Vibes 2500mg (88.33mg serving)
  • Ingredients: Broad-spectrum hemp extract (THC-free), MCT oil, organic peppermint oil and stevia leaf extract for flavor
  • Transparency: SabaiDee extracts their CBD oils from Colorado hemp using CO2 extraction. Everything is tested both in-house and by a third-party lab, with the lab results available for viewing on the website.
  • Customer Service/Shipping: Free 3-7 day shipping for all US orders, with Rush Shipping available. Customer service hours are 10am to 5pm Central Time. SabaiDee offers a 30-day return policy, along with a unique trial program. Under their 100% Happiness Guarantee, you can try out their tinctures for 30 days, and if you don’t like them, return them for a partial refund.
  • Why We Love Them: No matter your dose, you’ll find a tincture that works for you with SabaiDee, thanks to their selection of low, mid, and high-strength tinctures, all available in a delicious Cool Mint flavor. All ingredients are organic and high-quality, with verified lab results on the website to see each tincture’s full cannabinoid profile. For those interested in supporting a company that gives back, SabaiDee plants a tree for every purchase made on their website.

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SabaiDee, Super Good Vibes 1000mg is known by many to be a great CBD oil for anxiety.

CBD oil has earned a reputation as being a holistic approach to alleviating some of the symptoms of anxiety without the unpleasant side effects that are associated with many anxiety medications. It works by signaling the serotonin receptors in your brain. These are the ones that impact your levels of calm and happiness. Clinical researchers have revealed that CBD or hemp oil is effective at reducing anxiety among users and helps to make them feel calmer in their day-to-day.

When identifying the right CBD oil for anxiety, there are a few things to look for that will help you get the most out of the product. The best CBD oils to help with anxiety are highly potent, and usually, contain only natural and organic ingredients. It’s also best to stay away from products that contain artificial sweeteners. Take a look at the concentrations of the oil you’re buying. CBD oil can come in a variety of strengths, and products with higher doses of CBD will have a stronger effect.

SabaiDee CBD oil is our preferred solution for reducing anxiety symptoms. It’s made from all natural ingredients and sourced from organic hemp, so you know you’re not getting any extra additives in your CBD oil. Their Good Vibes 250+ CBD and Super Good Vibes 1000+ oil can be incorporated into your daily wellness routine to make sure you always feel…well, good vibes!

NuLeaf Naturals

recommended cbd oil

  • Flavors Available: Unflavored only
  • Price: $38.50, $99.00, $179.00, $239.00, $439.00
  • Strength/Variety: 240mg, 725mg, 1450mg, 2425mg, 4850mg (all with 50mg servings)
  • Ingredients: Full-spectrum hemp extract
  • Transparency: NuLeaf Naturals tinctures are created from 100% organic, Colorado hemp using CO2 extraction. Everything is third-party tested for quality and purity, with lab results available upon request.
  • Customer Service/Shipping: Free 2-3 day shipping for all US orders, with expedited shipping available. Customer service is responsive. NuLeaf Naturals ships to over 40 countries and offers a 30-day return policy.
  • Why We Love Them: NuLeaf Naturals offers some of the highest potency products around. Their tinctures are all-natural and unflavored, so you’re getting just the pure CBD extract and nothing extra—there are no added flavors, natural or artificial. Plus, every tincture is formulated in the same 50mg/ml strength, so those who need a higher dosage of CBD can enjoy a more cost-effective purchase by buying a larger bottle.

Check out our in-depth NuLeaf Naturals review.

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NuLeaf Naturals, 1450mg Full Spectrum tincture has been reported by users as a great CBD oil for managing pain.

Living with chronic pain is unpleasant, to say the least. Finding the right solution to lessen the painful symptoms you’re facing can mean the difference between having a great day and not being able to leave the house.

CBD oil has been making a name for itself as a way to alleviate some of the painful symptoms of arthritis, joint pain, and muscle spasms (among others). It is generally considered a safer, and non-habit forming alternative to pain medications and can make your days of chronic pain a little more bearable.

A study by the US National Library of Medicine concluded that patients who were being treated for chronic pain reported that cannabis products produced results on par with their prescription pain medication, without any of the unwanted side effects of opiates.

According to a study by the Hadassah Medical School, full-spectrum cannabis extracts contain a more significant percentage of CBD compared to other extraction methods. This means that using a full-spectrum CBD oil will be more effective in alleviating inflammation and pain.

So when looking for a CBD oil to specifically reduce pain, NuLeaf Naturals full-spectrum CBD oil is a good choice. NuLeaf Naturals uses a full-spectrum extract of cannabis flowers to make their CBD which also contains traces of the other cannabinoids. This creates a more potent oil which will be more effective at alleviating pain.


  • Flavors Available: Unflavored only
  • Price: $34.99, $55.99, $132.99
  • Strength/Variety: 500mg (16mg serving), 1000mg (33mg serving), 3000mg (100mg serving)
  • Ingredients: CBD isolate (99.6% CBD), MCT oil
  • Transparency: Medterra sources their non-GMO, organic hemp from Kentucky farms. After CO2 extraction, all of their CBD oils go through additional processing to remove other cannabinoids and plant materials, producing an oil that’s 99% pure CBD. All of their tinctures are tested by a third-party lab, with results available on the website.
  • Customer Service/Shipping: 1-2 day shipping, with several expedited shipping options available. Customer service is available Monday through Saturday. Medterra offers a 30-day return policy.
  • Why We Love Them: With their tinctures, Medterra offers several potencies that cater to CBD users with varying dosage needs. The company is committed to quality and

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Medterra, a pure CBD isolate, is our favorite THC-free CBD oil.

One of the challenges of CBD use is that while CBD is legal in the US, cannabis, the plant it comes from still is not. Some CBD oils still contain small amounts of THC, which makes them illegal in most of the US. If you are a CBD user concerned about passing a drug test, or simply don’t want to consume any THC with your CBD, then THC-free CBD oil is the way to go.

When looking for a CBD product that contains no THC, make sure to do your research. It’s best to buy from a reputable provider that can tell you exactly how their CBD is made and what ingredients are present. Avoid big retailers like Amazon or brands that import their CBD from other countries because you can’t be sure how pure it is and that it contains no traces of THC.

Medterra is our favorite THC-free CBD oil brand is for the simple reason that they share their lab results, allowing no uncertainties about the amount of THC in their products. Grown from hemp in Kentucky while adhereing to strict guidelines set by the Department of Agriculture and the Kentucky Hemp Pilot Program, Medterra sets high standard for trust and quality in the CBD industry.


cbdistillery black friday

  • Flavors Available: Unflavored only
  • Price: $30.00, $45.00, $70.00, $155.00, $260.00 (pricing is for their full-spectrum varieties, THC-free oils are usually a few dollars cheaper)
  • Strength/Variety: 250mg (8mg serving), 500mg (17mg serving), 1000mg (33mg serving), 2500mg (83mg serving), 5000mg (167mg serving)
  • Ingredients: Full-spectrum hemp extract or CBD isolate, MCT oil
  • Transparency: CBDistillery sources their non-GMO hemp from Colorado farms, and uses the CO2 extraction method. All of their tinctures are certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority, indicating their commitment to quality. CBDistillery submits all of their CBD oils to a third-party lab for testing and shares the results on their website.
  • Customer Service/Shipping: Free 3-7 day shipping for US orders of $75 or more, $5 standard shipping for orders below $75, with Priority shipping available. Customer service hours are weekdays, 8am to 5pm Mountain Time. CBDistillery offers a 7-day return policy.
  • Why We Love Them: CBDistillery is a best value, all around. They offer a large range of tinctures (in five different strengths), in both full-spectrum and THC-free varieties. Their tinctures include a potent cannabinoid profile, undiluted by other ingredients. They offer some of the lowest pricing per milligram, while still maintaining high quality standards throughout their sourcing, production, and manufacturing.

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cbd for pain relief

  • Flavors Available: Unflavored and peppermint
  • Price: $89.00, $269.00
  • Strength/Variety: 750mg (25mg serving), 2400mg (80mg serving)
  • Ingredients: Full-spectrum hemp extract, organic hemp seed oil, natural flavors
  • Transparency: Spruce sources their hemp from Kentucky and Colorado farms. Their tinctures are extracted using ethanol as a natural solvent, ensuring a high amount of CBD, other cannabinoids like CBN and CBC, and beneficial plant minerals in the final full-spectrum extract. Everything is third-party tested.
  • Customer Service/Shipping: Free 2-4 day shipping for US orders. Customer service is available weekdays from 9am to 5pm, Eastern Time. Spruce offers a 30-day free trial for new customers (even if you use the entire tincture), and a 30-day return policy for unused products.
  • Why We Love Them: Despite being a small business, Spruce CBD offers quality CBD tinctures backed by third-party testing, a natural extraction method, and organic sourcing. Their tincture product selection is easy to understand: the unflavored high-strength tincture is better for more experienced CBD users, while the flavored mid-strength tincture is better for newer users still getting used to the taste of hemp and figuring out their ideal dose.

Get 15% off Spruce CBD Oil with code: “cannahealth”

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Spruce, 2400mg lab grade tincture has been reported to be a great CBD oil for dealing with insomnia.Sleepness nights lead to long and cranky days, and if you don’t find a solution to your insomnia, you might find yourself in a vicious cycle of unrest. A few decades ago, your only options were sleeping pills or a glass of warm milk. Luckily, the ways to fall asleep more easily have evolved, and CBD oil is taking center stage as an effective solution for insomnia.

It’s often thought that the THC in cannabis makes you sleepy, but THC actually blocks you from achieving deep REM sleep. REM sleep is what restores your body and helps you feel rested the next day. Whereas THC causes a REM disruption, CBD calms the nervous system which can induce a night of deeper REM sleep. So when you’re looking for a CBD product to help you get a good night’s sleep, it’s best to opt for something without the THC to make sure your REM cycle isn’t disrupted.

For the involuntary night owls, we recommend using Spruce’s high-potency CBD oil. For many, It’s like the perfect bedtime story to help you drift off peacefully and wake up well-rested. Plus, you can choose between their 750mg and 2400mg tinctures to accomodate your specific needs.

PlusCBD Oil

  • Flavors Available: Unflavored, Peppermint, Goji Blueberry
  • Price: $41.95, $89.95, $145.95
  • Strength/Variety: 250mg (3mg serving), 750mg (5mg serving), 1500mg (9mg serving)
  • Ingredients: Full-spectrum hemp extract, olive oil, peppermint oil and natural flavors
  • Transparency: PlusCBD Oil sources their hemp from European farms to keep costs low, while maintaining high-quality standards in other areas, such as their use of CO2 extraction and multiple rounds of testing. All of their tinctures undergo rigorous testing by both in-house and third-party labs, with results available on the website.
  • Customer Service/Shipping: Free 3-5 day shipping for all US orders, with expedited and international shipping available. Customer service is available weekdays, 7am to 5pm Pacific Time. PlusCBD Oil offers a 14-day return policy.
  • Why We Love Them: Like many of the brands we’ve featured, PlusCBD Oil tinctures are vegetarian-friendly, gluten-free, and made using natural and organic ingredients. PlusCBD Oil stands out for their variety of flavors and strengths, and their commitment to purity. Their full-spectrum CBD tinctures contain a rich profile of beneficial cannabinoids and no artificial ingredients.

Get PlusCBD Oil for the lowest price available

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  • Flavors Available: Unflavored, Berry, Orange, and Mint
  • Price: $29.99, $59.99, $69.99, $99.99, $149.99, $239.99, $339.99
  • Strength/Variety: 300mg (10mg serving), 750mg (25mg serving), 1000mg*(16.6mg serving), 1500mg (50mg serving), 3000mg (100mg serving), 5000mg (166.67mg serving), 7500mg (250mg serving)
  • Ingredients: CBD isolate, MCT oil, and natural mint, orange, or berry extracts for flavoring
  • Transparency: cbdMD uses 100% organic Kentucky hemp. They use CO2 extraction with additional processing to create their THC-free oils. Any flavored versions of their tinctures use all-natural extracts, and third-party test results are posted on the website.
  • Customer Service/Shipping: Free 3-7 day shipping for all US orders, with faster shipping rates available. Customer service is responsive. cbdMD offers a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Why We Love Them: No matter your dosage needs or flavor preferences, cbdMD will have a tincture to match them. Their tinctures come in six different strengths (eight if you count the two larger, 60ml options), and each strength is available unflavored or in one of three flavor choices.

Use code: “cannahealth” to get 15% off cbdMD CBD Oil

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  • Flavors Available: Unflavored, Citrus, Mint, Berry, Vanilla
  • Price: $49.00, $69.00, $89.00, $139.00
  • Strength/Variety: 150mg (2.5mg serving), 300mg (5mg serving), 600mg (10mg serving), 1200mg (20mg serving)
  • Ingredients: Full-spectrum hemp extract, fractionated coconut oil, natural flavors
  • Transparency: Fab CBD tinctures are created from organic Colorado hemp using the CO2 extraction process. As full-spectrum CBD oils, their tinctures contain CBD and a rich blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant materials. All third-party lab results are posted on the website.
  • Customer Service/Shipping: Free 4-7 day shipping for US orders over $89, with $3.79 shipping for orders below $89. Customer service is available weekdays from 9am to 6pm, Central Time. Fab CBD offers a 30-day return policy.
  • Why We Love Them: Like cbdMD, Fab CBD offers a range of flavors and strengths, although their strengths are better for users with low to mid-dosage needs. The company also operates a robust customer rewards program, with multiple ways to earn and redeem points towards future purchases.

Interested in purchasing FabCBD Oil?

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What Types of CBD Oil Products Are There?

Don’t let the name confuse you. CBD oil comes in many shapes and forms besides the traditional oils that we’ve highlighted here. CBD tinctures are the most popular type of CBD oil, because they tend to have more potent concentrations and offer high bioavailability (e.g. more CBD gets absorbed through your bloodstream when you apply it beneath your tongue as a tincture). Plus, users typically begin to feel the effects within minutes.

But, there are many other types of CBD oil products besides tinctures, including:

  • CBD capsules: These are gel capsules or tablets that you swallow like any other pill. People prefer capsules because dosing is precise (each pill contains a specific amount of CBD), they’re easy to travel with, and they’re easy to remember to take along with your daily vitamin. However, it does take longer to feel the effects of CBD with capsules (up to 90 minutes), since the capsule has to be processed by your digestive system first.
  • CBD vape oils: The fastest way to experience CBD is by inhaling it. CBD vape oils are available in many flavors, and can be added as drops to a refillable vape cartridge you already own, or come as a standalone vape cartridge. You can even find disposable CBD vape pens for a travel-ready option.
  • CBD gummies: Like CBD capsules, CBD gummies and other edibles have to travel through your digestive system before entering your bloodstream, so it can take longer to feel the effects. However, these are popular among those who don’t like the natural hempy flavor of CBD and don’t mind the added sugar.
  • CBD topicals: Many people take CBD to manage chronic pain. These folks may find  CBD topicals particularly therapeutic, as they can massage the CBD into the skin of the area causing them pain. Dosing can be more imprecise with CBD topicals, and you may need to reapply often to continue feeling the effect. CBD topicals describes a broad category of products including CBD balms, lotions, chopsticks, and creams.

These are the most common categories of CBD oil products you’ll see, although brands regularly introduce new, innovative products, from CBD chewing gum to CBD shampoo.

How Much CBD Should You Take?

Finding your dose is arguably the trickiest part of taking CBD. As a newer wellness therapy, CBD oil is as yet unregulated by the FDA, so it’s up to you to find the best dose for you, since no official guidelines exist. Fortunately, CBD manufacturers and users have stepped up to provide their own recommendations.

Generally, your dose depends on two key factors: your body weight and the severity of your symptoms. The more you weigh, and the more severe your symptoms, the more CBD you’ll likely need to take to feel relief. Although, every person has a unique body chemistry and personal receptivity to CBD, so don’t be worried if you find a lower or higher dose to be more effective for you than what’s “typical.” What’s important if that you find a dose that works!

CBD is described in milligrams. Most people find a dose of 1 to 6 milligrams of CBD for every 10 pounds of their body weight to be effective. If you’re new to CBD, it’s highly recommended that you start with the lowest suggested dose. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you would start with a 15mg dose of CBD. See how that makes you feel. If you don’t feel any effects after a few days, you can gradually keep increasing your dose until you land on the right amount.

That’s the first math exercise you’ll need to perform. The second happens once you have a CBD product you’d like to try.

Translating Your CBD Dose into Serving Sizes

CBD oil tinctures typically come in two bottle sizes: 15 milliliter/0.5 ounce, or 30 milliliter/1 ounce. The included dropper may be graduated, in which case you’ll be able to see milliliter markings. Otherwise, you can assume a full dropper equates to 1ml.

Each CBD oil will state the total concentration of CBD in the bottle. On the ingredient label on the back, it will also state the total amount of CBD per serving. Pay attention to whether a serving is a full-dropper, or half-dropper, as it varies by brand.

To recap:

  • Calculate your dose of CBD based on your body weight, assuming 1 milligram for every 10 pounds.
  • Review the amount of CBD included in a full- or half-dropper of your tincture.
  • If the tincture serving size matches your dose, great. If not, you can adjust accordingly. For example, if your dose is 25mg of CBD, and a full-dropper provides 50mg of CBD, you would only need to take a half-dropper.

Does CBD Have Any Side Effects?

One of the best things about CBD oil is that side effects are rare. However, they can happen. The most common side effects include:

  • Tiredness
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in appetite or weight

While less common, other side effects can include nausea, dry mouth, and low blood pressure. If you start to notice any of these side effects, stop taking the CBD immediately and consult a doctor. Sometimes, lowering the dose of CBD is sufficient to remove the side effect.

Studies confirm that CBD is generally well-tolerated by humans, even when used chronically and in doses as high as 1,500 milligrams per day. However, there are a few risk groups who should avoid CBD. These include:

  • People taking other medications: When side effects are reported, it’s often by this group. CBD appears to have a similar effect to grapefruit on the liver’s ability to metabolize certain drugs, which can lead to adverse side effects. Generally, if a medication has a grapefruit warning, you should avoid taking CBD. Although, if you are on any medication you should talk to your doctor before starting CBD, to ensure you won’t expect any negative interactions.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women: Because researchers don’t want to put the mother or fetus in danger, clinical studies typically don’t include pregnant and breastfeeding women. As a result, physicians can’t definitively say whether or not CBD is safe for expecting and new mothers. Not enough research has been done. However, one study did find that CBD increased the permeability of the placental barrier, which could put the fetus at risk.
  • Children: Like pregnant and breastfeeding women, clinical research among child-aged participants is less common. To date, much of the research of CBD with children has involved children with severe pediatric epilepsy. This research found CBD oil to be effective in symptom management, leading to the first FDA-approved drug containing CBD. However, the efficacy and safety of CBD for children has not been studied sufficiently to know if it has any long-term effects.

Even if you don’t fall into one of the risk groups above, it’s a good idea to speak with a doctor before you start taking CBD. They can help advise you on the optimal dose, and whether you might expect any side effects based on your personal health history.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the U.S. government legalized CBD oil at the federal level, nationwide. This bill accomplished a few things: it legalized hemp grown as part of an industrial hemp pilot program, and removed it from the controlled substances list.

Because CBD oils extracted from industrial hemp, they are legal nationwide, and will also not get you high—as this plant naturally contains high concentrations of CBD, and low concentrations of THC (0.3% or less), the psychoactive cannabinoid present in marijuana.

However, there are still three states where the legal status of CBD is murky. Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota still have laws that are written in such a way that criminalizes CBD.

Where Can You Buy CBD Oil?

The CBD industry is booming right now, and CBD products are popping up everywhere. Here’s a quick review of the many places you can purchase CBD oils.

At CannaHealth, we recommend purchasing directly from the retailer’s online website. This is the best way to ensure you get the lowest price, especially if you use one of our affiliate codes. Many brands also offer free shipping discounts, customer loyalty programs, and other perks that enhance the value of buying online.

If you’d prefer to buy in person, you have a few other options. First, you can see if the brand you like has any brick-and-mortar locations of their own, or if they sell their products through retail partners. If they do, they’ll have a searchable list or map on their website so you can find a store near you.

Finally, CBD oils are sold in many health and wellness stores, supplement shops, and dispensaries.

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